Friday, July 30, 2010

Career Legacy - Chapter 6


. . . ..????


Life is good! Lucas loves roasting his fish right on an open fire.


And Angela seems to be handling her pregnancy well. She's hoping for a girl because she can't stand the kid's room decor of orange and red skulls and stripes, she's thinking something pink and flowery. In the meantime she keeps busy working towards her LTW of Perfect Mind Perfect Body.


A plus being married to a wealthy family is that you don't have to work if you don't want to... and that means more time for skilling ... besides it'll be easier to lose that 'baby fat'.


Before we know it the day has arrived... Heir number 3 ... what will it be....


.......... and it's a .......................


.......another ... boy......... really? three generations of boys?? Bah.... not that I don't like boys but come on .. give me some variety here. (I've been taking what heir the game throws at me and not using apples or watermelon to determine sex ... though that might change, LOL... and I've been avoiding the Fertility reward item as well).

Welcome Travis!


Lucas continues to work at his Fishing Career... searching out areas around town that will yield bigger more rewarding fish.


He's also become a strict Fishertarian .. eating only fish ... "be one with the fish.." is his motto.


He's not a bad cook either and the whole family benefits from his grill sessions.


Being the overachiever that he is, Lucas has managed to complete his LTW of Perfect Private Aquarium. (Have 13 Different Species Of Perfect Fish In Fishbowls) But he is still a long ways from topping out the Fishing Career. He is at level 6 but only has about $15,000 of the $80,000 needed in fish sales.


Angela convinces Lucas that they need a break from the baby. Sure he's only been around a couple of days but he cries soooooo much and interrupts her workouts constantly. Lucas figures travel could mean new types of fish and more profitable sales. "China .. here we come!"


Despite the long flight (10 mins loading time!!) our couple finally arrives in lovely China.


Angela instanly seeks out a gym and finds the Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts. There she takes a few classes in Sim Fu.


And Lucas finds some sweet hidden ponds. He catches several new types of fish including three kinds of Koi.


... and one very cool Dragon Fish! If only the ponds weren't so far from their resort, between travel and rather uncomfortable beds Lucas was only able to spend about half the time fishing per day that he does at home.


The three days went by too quickly, now it was back to the doldrums of everyday life.

(** I took about $3000 worth of fish to the Grocery Store. Since I had the Sales Booster Reward I figured I'd sell at the store and see if I get more money. I do have all the latest Updates as well... Well I go and sell... and the money goes into my household funds but doesn't register in my Career Sales totals at all!)


Happy Birthday Travis!! Travis seems to have inherited his grandfather Leo's platinum blonde hair. Genetics seem to skip a generation or something.

Travis' traits so far are .... Genius (inherited? I didn't roll for it), and Easily Impressed (rolled)

His rolled Career ~ Photography (*which I have almost zero experience with if you remember poor Mallory trying to take Stylist photos with her cell phone!! LOL)


So far toddler Travis is pretty easy going. He learned to walk and talk fairly easy and entertains himself with blocks and the doll house most of the day.


Lucas continues to dog the fish ... that $80,000 in fish sales he needs is looking bleak. But you have to love his outfit, LOL... I only just now noticed he had flippers on... too funny given his career.


With a few species of fish and other marine life still missing from his tally list, Lucas decided to take another trip. This time to Egypt. He came alone, wanting to really focus on getting the most fishing as possible done each day he was there. He also picked up a couple of cameras for Travis.


Lucas seems less excited about landing a crocodile than I was!! I hope they bring in some good Simoleons.


Lucas actually had quite a bit of luck while in Egypt .. .. Catching more than just fish on occasion.. what's this ... oh.. another Magic Gnome!


... and the biggest frog EVAH' !!


Again the three days flew by and Lucas returns home wishing he'd had a few more days to fish for the elusive Mummy Fish.


........ and we have another freaky Magic Gnome bouncing around the family homestead, LOL

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Career Legacy - Chapter 5


Lucas' affections for Angela continue to grow and he now knows as soon as he is old enough he'll pop the question.


... and so life trudges on in the Abernathy household as our first Heir Leo crosses into the last stage of Life. Leo might not have been around to enjoy family life as much as he'd liked but he's done well. For himself and his family. He didn't just bring home the bacon, he brought home the whole PIG! The Abernathy family is officially wealthy with almost $200,000 Simoleons to their name.

Leo also fulfilled his LTW of Saving 30 Sims, and completed all elements of the Firefighter Career Challenge Goals.

- Reach Top of Firefighter Career ~Check!
- Complete All Four Disasters ~Check!
- Max Athletic and Handiness Skills ~Check!
- Buy Fire Alarms for every room in home ~Check!


That same night Chana also aged up... never one for theatrics Chana simply popped into elderhood out in her garden barely missing a beat between weedings.


Chana also achieved her LTW of Jack of All Trades - Reach Level 5 of 4 Different Careers

Chana reached Level 5 of the - Business
- Music
- Culinary
... and Science Careers. She continues to work at the Science Lab although the drive to advance is less of a goal now, she's happiest when working.


The following Evening Lucas grew up as well. Like his mother he was so busy doing what he loves (Fishing!) that he skipped the whole cake thing. Lucas was given the ~Angler~ trait by the Sim Gods that be. (**I didn't even roll for this it was just assigned upon aging.. not sure if it's because of all the fishing he did as a child and teen or what**)

So Lucas full set of traits are ...

- Athletic
- Perceptive
- Grumpy
- Heavy Sleeper
- Angler

Lucas' LTW is 'Presenting The Perfect Private Aquarium' - Have at least 13 different species of Perfect fish in fishbowls.

For his Fisherman Career Challenge Goals he must ...

-Reach Top of Fishing Career (**Which is to Sell $80,000 worth of fish!**)
- Catch 25 Different Fish Types (**plus the Frog, Alligator and Koi)
- Eat Only Fish


Wow, nice .. ummm... outfit you grew into there Lucas. LOL Oddly it suits him!


Good grief ... I think some new PJ's are in order. But that can wait because an adult Lucas about to invite Angela over to make Wooh.... *cough* .. to declare his love and ask her to be his wife!
Hope she likes yellow and lilac because Lucas has actually grown fond of his grandmother's bedroom decor.


Lucas - "Yeah so, you know I like you and all... and I was wonder if ..... umm"

Angela - " YES, YES, YES!!"


Well that wasn't hard at all ... a quick ring exchange and it's off the boudoir !


Hmmm, maybe Lucas should have checked on Angela's family history before adding her to the family. Seems like Leo's a tad worried about the big money items in the house.... maybe with good reason!

Angela's LTW is Perfect Mind Perfect Body ~ Max Logic and Athletic Skills


-Mean Spirited

... ohhh boy.... LOL


Let's hope this union results in an heir that has more of Dad's traits than Mom's ... though having a grumpy, evil, mean spirited heir might be a bit fun ....


All and all Lucas (and I) are happy with how things are going. An heir is on the way and Lucas seems to have lined up his Career goals nicely. Maybe at least one Abernathy male will have more time to spend with family... We'll see.....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Career Legacy - Chapter 4


If it's not gas leaks it's giant mutant plant attacks.... It's a good thing our local hero is around to save the day.... again.


Seriously though, mutant plant attack? ... Leo thinks maybe someone was messing around with the herbal teas or something because he found no mutant plants.


Now this is a real situation... you'd think people would know better than to mess with Mother Nature these days but the criminal element in Twinbrooks thought they could handle it. At least this disaster is exciting... racing storm clouds, lighting, floods!!


Unfortunately, Leo couldn't save everyone that day. Shark has passed on and no one was around. Lucas was in school, Leo was battling the elements and Chana was busy climbing that corporate ladder.


At least now Shark and Mallory are together in the family plot, both lived long happy lives. Leo realizes that he spends an awful lot of time away from home and his family. Tomorrow ... tomorrow he would make more time for his family... plan some quality time with his son and wife...


...yep quality time... right after he deals with several houses and casualties from that nights Earthquake !!


By the time the last sim was pulled from the debris left by the towns first quake Leo had already forgotten his plan to slow down and spend more time with family. The town needed him.

And the town was more than happy to show how much they needed and loved their local hero. Leo single handedly saved 3 homes and 7 sims that day. The Mayor presented Leo with a Key to the City and his own Fan Page on Facebook!


Leo felt so proud... he was well on his way to fulfilling his lifetime wish. He really was a hero.


As usual though, he missed out on some other important moments ... like Lucas celebrating his birthday, alone. First grandma Mallory passes right before his last birthday and now grandpa Shark passes right before Lucas becomes a teen. Life's just not fair and Lucas is handed the trait ~ Heavy Sleeper~ by the Sim Gods that be. I'm not sure what other attributes the Gods may have blessed (or cursed) him with... though he did seem to check his junk more than a couple of times that night.


Now that grandpa Shark was gone Lucas fished mostly alone. He barely kept up with his school work and slipped away every evening after doing (most) of his homework. Leo and Chana are usually too tired to notice whether Lucas is home or not.


And so Lucas learns that staying out after curfew can get you in big trouble .. he's also weirded out that this lady cop looks an awful lot like their maid!!


Leo was none too happy about his son getting a reputation in town, or the gossip that might get around that HIS son was brought home by the police! So he laid down the law, no more night fishing at the beach! Lucas pretended to be sorry but it's kind of hard to take someone wearing bunny slippers seriously.


Besides, Lucas did as his father asked and stopped going to the beach to fish after dark... he went to the local Cemetery instead. Fishing here was a little sweeter knowing that his father seemed deathly afraid to step foot in the place .. something about some girl he'd heard.


But the police patrol the cemetery the same as the beach and Lucas was once again caught out after hours. This was not going to go over well with Dad... he'd be on lock down for sure. Lucas was relieved that it was his mom Chana who came out to accept custody from the lady cop.


... and Mom put Lucas on lock down! So much for her going easier on him than his Dad. She gave the usual speech about growing up and following the rules. They had a pond in the yard, use it.


So Lucas decided to put all his effort into the one thing he loved. Fishing. It wasn't just a past time if you actually made it your Career right? And so after a little research Lucas learned you could register at the Town Hall for a Self Employed Fisherman license. And that's just what he did.


He still snuck out on occasion. He loved being outside and living off the land. He was sure to keep track of the time now though and get home before the police started their late night patrol.


...of course fishing wasn't all that Lucas thought about ...............