Thursday, July 29, 2010

Career Legacy - Chapter 5


Lucas' affections for Angela continue to grow and he now knows as soon as he is old enough he'll pop the question.


... and so life trudges on in the Abernathy household as our first Heir Leo crosses into the last stage of Life. Leo might not have been around to enjoy family life as much as he'd liked but he's done well. For himself and his family. He didn't just bring home the bacon, he brought home the whole PIG! The Abernathy family is officially wealthy with almost $200,000 Simoleons to their name.

Leo also fulfilled his LTW of Saving 30 Sims, and completed all elements of the Firefighter Career Challenge Goals.

- Reach Top of Firefighter Career ~Check!
- Complete All Four Disasters ~Check!
- Max Athletic and Handiness Skills ~Check!
- Buy Fire Alarms for every room in home ~Check!


That same night Chana also aged up... never one for theatrics Chana simply popped into elderhood out in her garden barely missing a beat between weedings.


Chana also achieved her LTW of Jack of All Trades - Reach Level 5 of 4 Different Careers

Chana reached Level 5 of the - Business
- Music
- Culinary
... and Science Careers. She continues to work at the Science Lab although the drive to advance is less of a goal now, she's happiest when working.


The following Evening Lucas grew up as well. Like his mother he was so busy doing what he loves (Fishing!) that he skipped the whole cake thing. Lucas was given the ~Angler~ trait by the Sim Gods that be. (**I didn't even roll for this it was just assigned upon aging.. not sure if it's because of all the fishing he did as a child and teen or what**)

So Lucas full set of traits are ...

- Athletic
- Perceptive
- Grumpy
- Heavy Sleeper
- Angler

Lucas' LTW is 'Presenting The Perfect Private Aquarium' - Have at least 13 different species of Perfect fish in fishbowls.

For his Fisherman Career Challenge Goals he must ...

-Reach Top of Fishing Career (**Which is to Sell $80,000 worth of fish!**)
- Catch 25 Different Fish Types (**plus the Frog, Alligator and Koi)
- Eat Only Fish


Wow, nice .. ummm... outfit you grew into there Lucas. LOL Oddly it suits him!


Good grief ... I think some new PJ's are in order. But that can wait because an adult Lucas about to invite Angela over to make Wooh.... *cough* .. to declare his love and ask her to be his wife!
Hope she likes yellow and lilac because Lucas has actually grown fond of his grandmother's bedroom decor.


Lucas - "Yeah so, you know I like you and all... and I was wonder if ..... umm"

Angela - " YES, YES, YES!!"


Well that wasn't hard at all ... a quick ring exchange and it's off the boudoir !


Hmmm, maybe Lucas should have checked on Angela's family history before adding her to the family. Seems like Leo's a tad worried about the big money items in the house.... maybe with good reason!

Angela's LTW is Perfect Mind Perfect Body ~ Max Logic and Athletic Skills


-Mean Spirited

... ohhh boy.... LOL


Let's hope this union results in an heir that has more of Dad's traits than Mom's ... though having a grumpy, evil, mean spirited heir might be a bit fun ....


All and all Lucas (and I) are happy with how things are going. An heir is on the way and Lucas seems to have lined up his Career goals nicely. Maybe at least one Abernathy male will have more time to spend with family... We'll see.....

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