Friday, July 30, 2010

Career Legacy - Chapter 6


. . . ..????


Life is good! Lucas loves roasting his fish right on an open fire.


And Angela seems to be handling her pregnancy well. She's hoping for a girl because she can't stand the kid's room decor of orange and red skulls and stripes, she's thinking something pink and flowery. In the meantime she keeps busy working towards her LTW of Perfect Mind Perfect Body.


A plus being married to a wealthy family is that you don't have to work if you don't want to... and that means more time for skilling ... besides it'll be easier to lose that 'baby fat'.


Before we know it the day has arrived... Heir number 3 ... what will it be....


.......... and it's a .......................


.......another ... boy......... really? three generations of boys?? Bah.... not that I don't like boys but come on .. give me some variety here. (I've been taking what heir the game throws at me and not using apples or watermelon to determine sex ... though that might change, LOL... and I've been avoiding the Fertility reward item as well).

Welcome Travis!


Lucas continues to work at his Fishing Career... searching out areas around town that will yield bigger more rewarding fish.


He's also become a strict Fishertarian .. eating only fish ... "be one with the fish.." is his motto.


He's not a bad cook either and the whole family benefits from his grill sessions.


Being the overachiever that he is, Lucas has managed to complete his LTW of Perfect Private Aquarium. (Have 13 Different Species Of Perfect Fish In Fishbowls) But he is still a long ways from topping out the Fishing Career. He is at level 6 but only has about $15,000 of the $80,000 needed in fish sales.


Angela convinces Lucas that they need a break from the baby. Sure he's only been around a couple of days but he cries soooooo much and interrupts her workouts constantly. Lucas figures travel could mean new types of fish and more profitable sales. "China .. here we come!"


Despite the long flight (10 mins loading time!!) our couple finally arrives in lovely China.


Angela instanly seeks out a gym and finds the Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts. There she takes a few classes in Sim Fu.


And Lucas finds some sweet hidden ponds. He catches several new types of fish including three kinds of Koi.


... and one very cool Dragon Fish! If only the ponds weren't so far from their resort, between travel and rather uncomfortable beds Lucas was only able to spend about half the time fishing per day that he does at home.


The three days went by too quickly, now it was back to the doldrums of everyday life.

(** I took about $3000 worth of fish to the Grocery Store. Since I had the Sales Booster Reward I figured I'd sell at the store and see if I get more money. I do have all the latest Updates as well... Well I go and sell... and the money goes into my household funds but doesn't register in my Career Sales totals at all!)


Happy Birthday Travis!! Travis seems to have inherited his grandfather Leo's platinum blonde hair. Genetics seem to skip a generation or something.

Travis' traits so far are .... Genius (inherited? I didn't roll for it), and Easily Impressed (rolled)

His rolled Career ~ Photography (*which I have almost zero experience with if you remember poor Mallory trying to take Stylist photos with her cell phone!! LOL)


So far toddler Travis is pretty easy going. He learned to walk and talk fairly easy and entertains himself with blocks and the doll house most of the day.


Lucas continues to dog the fish ... that $80,000 in fish sales he needs is looking bleak. But you have to love his outfit, LOL... I only just now noticed he had flippers on... too funny given his career.


With a few species of fish and other marine life still missing from his tally list, Lucas decided to take another trip. This time to Egypt. He came alone, wanting to really focus on getting the most fishing as possible done each day he was there. He also picked up a couple of cameras for Travis.


Lucas seems less excited about landing a crocodile than I was!! I hope they bring in some good Simoleons.


Lucas actually had quite a bit of luck while in Egypt .. .. Catching more than just fish on occasion.. what's this ... oh.. another Magic Gnome!


... and the biggest frog EVAH' !!


Again the three days flew by and Lucas returns home wishing he'd had a few more days to fish for the elusive Mummy Fish.


........ and we have another freaky Magic Gnome bouncing around the family homestead, LOL

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