Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Career Legacy - Chapter 8


Having finally completed her LTW of Perfect Mind and Perfect Body, we find Angela indulging in her other love... being mean! Poor Leo seems bare the brunt of Angela's attacks now that Chana has passed on. Angela might have a perfect body, but Leo is after all firefighter who spent his entire life building up his strength. Not to mention his post retirement hobby ... Sim Fu!


Leo - "Listen Angela, I've dealt with your nasty personality because you are my son's wife and my grandson's mother, but let me warn you right now Missy, ... you have worn down my last nerve."

Angela - "blah blah blah.. sorry did you say something gramps?"


Angela - " Listen old man, I know we've had a spat or two but you are getting pretty old and I'd rather not upset Lucas with tales of in-family fighting.. so maybe we can just keep this whole nemeses thing to ourselves... you stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours whatcha say?"


Leo - "Well for the sake of Lucas and Travis ... I'll keep quiet.. but the minute you start up with your evil ways I'm spilling the beans to everyone who will listen!"


Angela - " uhhh, yeah sure thing old man, hahaha.... I think I can keep it together while we share this house... which just ENDED! Now maybe I can change some of this ugly decor"


Even after death Angela has to make things hard on poor Leo. No worries though.. I'm sure Leo will get his revenge in one way or another.. he has plenty of time to do some tormenting of his own.


And the Abernathy family plot now holds the first two generations. I guess despite Angela's constant torments Leo seems to have earned the honor of 'Big Headstone' !


The life of a challenge sim however means little time to dwell on the negatives in life. And so Lucas returns to the drudgery that has become fishing. He read online somewhere that toxic waste has been making the fish in Twinbrook exceptionally large. Sure it might not be the best thing for the sims of Twinbrook to actually eat but.... totals are totals.


Travis spends alot of his free time around town playing with the camera that his Dad bought him. He didn't think it was such a great gift at the time, but the more pictures he takes the more he enjoys it.


Unlike his Dad though, Travis manages to get home before curfew every night.


Meanwhile back at home the passing of local hero Leo has stirred up the family spirits.. looks like Shark, even in ghostly form, is still a big flirt... Chana however isn't having any of it... he is her father-in-law after all!


........and .. more fishing .... "come to Papa Deathfish!!"


Lucas took a small break from fishing (yeah right) to take Travis to Egypt. He figured it would get their minds off the recent death of Leo and would be a chance to catch more mummy fish.. and of course do some father son bonding. The flight there must have been pretty traumatic because both Leo and Travis arrived in Egypt looking and feeling miserable!


Happy Birthday Travis!!


Thankfully the Bistro staff know Travis ,since he hangs out there taking pictures several times a week, and were on hand to help him celebrate his passage to teenhood.


Young Travis, like father like son... both have a thing for fire roasted food and bunny slippers!


For the most part I've been trying to leave the sims as I get them.. but I had to do a little makeover on Travis... gave him more of an artsy photog kid sort of hair and tamed the brows a bit, LOL.

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