Monday, August 9, 2010

Career Legacy - Chapter 9


Lucas and Travis on another of their exotic adventures. These father

and son trips have been great for both, Lucas gets some rare fish

hunting in and Travis gets some good photographs.


Travis has also developed quite an adventurous spirit and can't help

but poke at every hole and crack he finds.


Lucas likes traveling so much in fact that he decides to get his own

passport and take weekend trips. After all it's really just an

investment in his career ... and it gets him away from home which

continues to become an unpleasant place since Leo's passing.


Travis just loves the tombs, caves and catacombs he's discovering.


And is constantly amazed by the sites he sees in these long forgotten

spaces ... the photo opportunities are amazing and despite only being

a teen, Travis is making quite a name for himself in the World of



..and it's not just photography he's getting better at either...

though he has shown no real interest in girls since Roxanne dumped him

for older boys, building some muscle for future female conquests isn't

a bad idea either.


.... ok so maybe he isn't a big fan of deep dark watery pits .. who



Following a trip to France Travis arrives back home just in time to

capture the birth of his new brother or sister... (* now WHY the

camera/game see this as "Oh no! Snake!" I have NO clue .. but it did

make me laugh so I had to share! LOL*)


Surprise, surprise.. another .. BOY! World Jason, Jason World... (

I won't be playing Jason)


It wasn't all traveling and photography though .. Travis has been

working on his LTW as well to be a Renaissance Sim. He is almost

there having already reached Level 10 in Photography and Logic, and is

level 7 in Athletic.


Ahhh, Jason.. takes after his Mom I see.


Let's hope young Jason is less ... nasty ..........than his mother.


And here is the Abernathy Family Tree so far. To recap we are on our

fourth generation with the following Careers-

Mallory - Stylist ~ Completed
Leo - Fireman ~ Completed
Lucas - Fisherman ~In Progress
Travis - Photography ~ In Progress


Life for Travis however hasn't been all that great.. sure he's doing

well in school and with his career but his home life stinks. Angela

just seems to get more and more mean. Often dropping whatever she's

doing to run up and belittle poor Travis.


And so it's off to France again. Travis seems happiest when lost in

his adventures.


He is also very intrigued by the continued random appearances of

Gnomes around the world. He has witnessed Gnomes in his own town

seemingly come to life and wreak havoc around the house. He had no

idea they also popped up in public places.. like the museum in France

.. and dressed like a Pharaoh to boot!!


Once Travis returns from his trips he just tries to attract as little

attention as possible. He goes to school, spends as much time about

town as possible and then it's homework and bed... repeat, until he is

old enough to move out.


Angela finally had a birthday ... she certainly didn't age


Photobucket a matter of fact, she may have actually become even more MEAN!


Which just reinforces Travis' plans to get his own place the second he

is old enough to do so.


... it's a busy week at the Abernathy household... as Lucas enters

the Golden Years of his life (yeah right!)


Somehow, someway .. Lucas has succeeded in completing the Fisherman


- Reach top of the Fisherman Career ~Check
- Catch 25 Different Fish ~ Check
-Eat Only Fish ~ Check (though he did have Birthday Cake a couple of

times during aging up parties)
- Catch Crocodile, Frog, and Koi ~ Check (and Dragon, Mummy, Snails

and Crawfish too!)

He also (as noted earlier) achieved his LTW of Perfect Private


Now that both Angela and Lucas have completed their goals Travis is

free to move out. He will be leaving with a few items and some money.

I'm going to move him out with the amount he has earned on his own

from the photos he's sold and a few of the items he's collected/bought



Thankfully Jason has also aged up just two days before Travis'

birthday. Travis really didn't want to leave his younger brother to

the mercy of his Mother.. although it seems that Angela doesn't treat

Jason with the same temper she unleashes on Travis. Maybe it's that

Jason looks more like her? Jason's traits are Green Thumb, Handy,

Neat and Snob.


EVen though Jason seems to be a bit bossy (like Mom!) he does look up

to his older brother, even choosing to dress like him. Travis has

decided not to tell Jason of his plans to move out however, he's

worried that this will cause even more fighting between him and his



With just hours to go before aging up Travis manages to reach Lvl 10

in the Athletics Skill thus reaching his LTW of Renaissance Sim ..

he's reached Level 10 in Photography, Logic and Athletics!!


And while at his favorite hang out spot, Travis again celebrates a

birthday with patrons and staff at the Bistro.


Ok I have no idea what is up with Sims and crotches but we have

another Abernathy who's junk

seems to be generating a bit of attention.. (good or bad?? I have no

clue?? LOL)

Finally Travis can move out and wrap up his Photography Career. He

currently is at Level 9 and has sold $33,228 worth of photographs. He

needs to sell another $43,798 to reach Level 10 in his Career.

Hopefully he will have a little more easy of a time than his father

had with fishing. I really need to stop panicking I think, Sims CAN

work as Elders after all.

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